6 Things You Must Avoid In Your Muscle Building Routine


It feels bad when you train so hard, lifting and strengthening muscles, only to get no positive outcomes. If you are working to build muscles, there are various mistakes you must avoid as explained here.

Excessive rest periods

It is recommended to rest after performing a set. Nevertheless, resting for too long lowers the heart rate and this hampers refueling of muscles. The standard rest period for muscle building workouts is between 30 and 90 seconds depending on the type of exercise. When doing isolation exercises, resting should not go for more than 30 minutes.

Too much cardio 

Cardio workouts are excellent for fat burning but ineffective for muscle building. Cardio consumes all the glucose required to fuel the muscles and degrades their metabolism. It should thus be performed in moderation. 3 or 4 steady state and low-intensity workouts every week are sufficient for a mass building program.

Employing free weights alone 

Free weights are good but combining them with cam machine and cable is a much better strategy. For instance, wide-grip pull down exercises require the use of machine in order to engage the lats fully. Free weights are great for full-body workouts but for optimal muscle activation, it is best to mix them up with different machines.

Insufficient sets

Different muscle groups require different sets number. Some of the muscle groups which need higher set ranges include the back, chest, triceps, and the quads. On the other hand, the calves, biceps, and abs need fewer sets. For every set of muscles, 8-10 sets are required and 2 or 3 days allowed for the muscles to recover.

Insufficient food intake 

A lifter who does not eat well deters his muscle building workout plans. If muscles have to grow, they require sufficient energy which is only found in a balanced diet. But this doesn’t mean that you may eat whatever you please. Pay attention to your protein intake because proteins are the body-building elements. The carb level should be maintained at its normal level but healthy fats and proteins must be increased.

Over-isolation  and under-isolation of muscles 

Big lifts like squats, rows, and presses can build massive muscles. Also, isolating muscle groups with extensions, curls, and flyes can also bring good results. The two types of movements are complementary. The advantage of multi-joint exercises is that they hit more muscles simultaneously hence more efficient. Single-joint workouts target specific muscle groups thus improving the body symmetry. The two types of exercises must be balanced to ensure consistency in muscle building.

It is very crucial to follow a consistent mass building program. Lack of variety causes stagnation, commonly known as fitness plateau. In order to reach a higher notch, exercises must be switched more often. Normally, the body gets used to an exercise after a period of 2 months. Therefore, in order to keep the muscles guessing, the rep ranges should be changed more often.


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